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Medical Rundown

We know that pictures only do part of the job, so we wanted to give you a rundown of the medical trip and what it entailed. We received Tim and Holly Garland along with their kids, Gavin, Alexis, and Christian.  Tim and Holly founded SCRUBS Medical Mission and have come here to support us. 

 If you want to know more about the beginning details CLICK HERE.  

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 Things got started late because the plane was late.  As in super late.  As in 7am Saturday morning late.  (The plane should have landed at around 11:50 Lima time).



 They got in and we immediately took them to the hotel.  Eight hours in the Miami airport can be a little tiring.  However, on the trip to the hotel we caught up on the in’s and out’s while they got to experience early morning traffic; and Lima pollution.

 After everyone took a nap, including us, we went to lunch at THE SPOT for chicken.  It blew everyone’s taste buds off except for Gavin.  He was a good sport and fell in love with Inca Cola instead.  The Garlands got to meet Joisy, and Jessica while being reunited with Pepe.  (Pepe met them when he stayed with us in Texas).  It was a great way to start the week.  Fellowship is lovely.

 Then the guys split up to do the guy night.  We played soccer and laughed while the girls watched a movie.  After guys night we had a meeting with three dentists in the Church.  We are planning a trip with SCRUBS to go to Tarapoto, a city in the jungle.  The goal is to have American health professionals partner with Peruvians to meet the needs of those without.  That night those three dentists committed their time and finances towards this vision.  Since that meeting, we may have two doctors to add to the list!



 Church, lunch, and Polvos Azules.  Polvos Azules is a market where you can find all sorts of things American. Some things are knockoffs and some are real.  Amanda and I are in the field of discovering the “real” vendors.  It was crowded, and hot.  However, it was quite the experience for the Garlands.  In the future, unless someone specifically asks, we will steer clear of the masses.  It was slightly overwhelming.


Monday and Tuesday:

 We spent time in Villa Salvador, an extremely impoverished area.  We found out about Villa Salvador from some women in our church who do Bible Study classes out there.  After going their for Christmas we started to see that this is a place of many needs.

 Holly and Cesar (one of the many amazing translators God has provided us), began teaching an informational class to different women in the areas.  Later, Holly would begin meeting specific needs while Dr. Walter began pulling teeth for Jesus.  Alexis and Jessica played with the local girls.  Amanda and Tim were in charge of loving on kids while getting media for awareness.  Gavin, Christian, and I got schooled in several games of soccer.

 At times it can be a little nerve racking because we know that there are heavy gang influences in the area.  Also, the machismo attitude is in full effect, and it is not surprising to hear that women are regularly beat at home.  Holly saw several children with bruise marks all over their backs.  This is the reality that these people live in. The hope is that they are thirsty.

 One of the women that goes every week, Miryam, told us that in two years of working there a man has NEVER come.  This time we had two.  We also had teen boys on the cusp of a gangster life, coming and listening.  We do not know the intentions, but God takes care of that part.  We just want to love on them.



 Aside from the normal eating and sleeping we went to Villa Maria.  This is another place that we have been trying to edify through sound biblical teaching and love.  This was the first “campaign” and we were a little curious about how it was going to work.  We had some amazing American friends help us, along with the regular servants (Mirelly, Maka, Joisy, Cesar, Tigre...) At times it sounds like it was all Amanda and I, when in reality we got to sit and watch it all happen. 

 While Joisy spent her time cleaning teeth and teaching children about a healthy mouth, and Mirelly checked eyes, I got to play with kids and color.  Amanda was her usual efficient self, and was everywhere at once.  She coordinated, colored, played with kids, took pictures and loved on people.  Towards the end of the evening some of the help had to leave because our service time was running longer than expected. (There was quite a turnout).

 When we were working, there was a young girl that was sitting by herself.  She had just received Jesus, and she was banged up pretty badly.  She had a bite mark on her wrist from a fight she was in.  Seriously infected.  She fell off of a motorcycle and banged up her knees.  Seriously infected.  She had BAD bug bites.  Seriously infected.  We got to clean her wounds, give her some advice, and most importantly encourage her in Jesus Christ.  Her Savior and our Saviour.

 Later we found out that people in the area began talking about all that was going on.  Suddenly more “non-believers” are asking questions and going to church.  For a day that was a little unclear it became very special for many people, including us.



 We spent the day in Chincha; Our home away from home.  We woke up early, took a three hour bus ride, and arrived to give hugs and kisses.  Holly began meeting needs as soon as we could get her set up in the shade.  Amanda assisted her all day.  (I am pretty sure God had her as a dental assistant in the first year of our marriage, just so she could assist in great ways this day).  The kids did their play time with sidewalk chalk, frisbees, soccer balls, and puppies. Tim and I went out to buy some farm animals. 

 Pastor Alejandro and his family help feed the families around them.  They do the best with what they have, but in reality, it is not much.  SCRUBS came with the vision to get some animals to help provide more food.  So Amanda and I bought one piglet, and SCRUBS bought the other.  These little babies will sell for roughly 800 soles per piggy at full size.  Since they are males, he can also sell their “services” which will create even more revenue for the future.

 SCRUBS was also able to buy two goats. The baby will become full sized, and can become pregnant.  The mom is already pregnant, and will have a baby in May.  This will provide goat number three, along with instant milk for the family and for the kids.  We also provided enough money for chickens that will pop out an egg a day.  A dozen eggs can go a REALLY long way in Chincha.



 We had a leisurely day of sight seeing.  The Garlands met up with Mayra, (a good friend of ours... Daniel’s wife), and they went to her home town after a few tourist spots.  This was also the day that we made one of the biggest decision we have made in terms of Peru.



 The Garlands returned from Chaclacayo, and we all had one last dinner together.  It was a beautiful end to an amazing week. 



 We stayed up for a while to talk and pray.  Then at 4:00 am we left in a van to go back to the airport.  Their flight was delayed, so we stayed with them for a while.  We did not get home until 5:30 am and they did not make it home until Monday at 7:30pm.  (The flights definitely were not the highlights of the trip).

 Amanda and I went back home and SLEPT.  In fact we overslept and missed church, and almost missed a major blessing.  I forgot that Sunday we were doing baptisms.  Thankfully God woke me up, and I did my morning addiction routine of Facebook.  There I was reminded that this day was a day of baptisms.  

 Needless to say I got dressed and ran to church.  As a result, I was able to assist in my first baptism.  Can you say amazing?  


So there is the VERY SHORT summary of our week.  It was unbelievable.  We miss our family already, and we cannot wait until July.