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It Started Out as "Preparing" and Ended in Prayer

I am finding that the closer we get towards Peru, the less sleep I seem to be getting.  It would appear my mind wants to actively use the full 24 hours God gives us.  So here I am sitting in bed trying not to type too loud because Amanda is asleep.

Since our last update, which was also our first update, a lot has been going on.  We have sent out our first actual "support" letter.  Talk about a tough letter to write.  In fact, I think I probably re-wrote it 5-7 times.  As a result, support is starting to come in. (GRACIAS TO ALL WHO HAVE BEGUN TO HELP SUPPORT OUR VISION!!!!) This support has been awesome because it has been my test of faith.  In all actuality, it has truly been developing my faith.  I thought I understood faith... right up to the point where my life actually required it.

Faith does not mean you believe in the known outcome.  For some reason I thought that was included in the definition.  So God has been revamping my whole understanding of prayer, praise, faith, worship, adoration, patience, humbleness, Love, affection, testimonies vs. stories, the Bible... should I continue?  Needless to say, this is why my mind is cranking non-stop.  My whole Christian worldview is being cemented before my eyes.  My faith is actually becoming realized each day I step forward.  What a crazy experience.

To think I never thought or cared to live past 21.  I was sucked into a horrible lifestyle of drugs, and boom, God snatches me up and says "that's enough Shaun."  Crazy.  Drugs you ask???? Well, that brings me to the next part, actually two parts.

We are still in the slow process of making this site look good.  Clearly I am not gifted in this area, and evidently just because I own a Mac does not mean I get special powers with it.  So we still need to add a lot of resources, testimonies, etc.  Hopefully in the near future we will have my testimony and Amanda's testimony as well as our testimony as a couple.  It is 89.323% complete, but 0% has been uploaded on here.  

The second part is: we will be traveling to Maryland next Friday to visit with family.  As we have been transitioning, which really should be written TRANSITIONING because it has been a big part of our lives, I knew we needed to go back to my roots for a while.  Since we made this decision I have been feeling a burden to speak with some parents and teens at my parents church.  These families are a part of a program called "Yes My Kid" and it is set up to help parents cope with the fact that their kids are using drugs.  I wish I had a mission statement to copy and paste, but I think you get the picture.

I felt like I am supposed to share some things with them.  So I tell my Mom and Dad because they help lead the group.  Next thing you know, two Thursdays from now I will be talking to these parents and kids that are on my heart.  Then I realized it might need to be bigger.  I realized I needed to start praying that the room would be full.  Not because of what I have to say, but because something is supposed to happen.  Now I could be wrong, there may only be one person that will show up, but I am praying for a full room.  I am moving towards preparations for a full room. 

As I am preparing for that event I realize that I think I need to talk to the youth at my old church.  And then I realize I need to approach one of the Headmasters at my old school because I think I might need to talk there as well.  Look, I know this reads like I might have voices in my head but I don't.  It's just one of those "things" that has been revamped as part of this process.  I use to be a "No" first, and then think about it.  Now suddenly I am just going where my heart is being moved.  Suddenly I am pursuing humbleness in all areas of my life.  Suddenly I am using my two ears first instead of my one mouth.  

Which gets me back to the idea of faith in my life.  God has been showing me to patiently move.  Move, and He will work out the details.  (This requires FAITH). Move, and He will provide the finances.  (Here enters Faith). Move, and He will    fill in the blank   .  (Faith, FAITH, faith). Now sometimes "move" may mean move out of the way and do nothing.  Sometimes it may mean that I need to be very patient and move at a turtle like crawl.  However, I still hear a resounding "MOVE." 

I could keep going on and on.  However I really want to just ask you as the reader to pray.  Pray for Peru.  Pray for Amanda and I.  Pray for our time in Maryland.  Pray that God would continue to reveal the supporters He is raising up.  Pray for a full room.  Pray for my faith, your faith, and all those that have no Faith.  Pray that we would move mightily as a Body.  Pray for our leaders.  Pray for our teachers.  Pray for our missionaries, and Pastors, and churches.  Pray for those that need comfort.  Pray for those that need healing whether it be physical or spiritual.  Pray for those that are being persecuted. Pray for whatever is on your heart.

As always Thank You.  And God Bless You in the most un-cliche way possible.